Monday, September 20, 2010

Green evening cocktail dresses

Green evening cocktail dresses is like a breath of spring. You look younger and fresher. Wearing green cocktail dresses you feel yourself like a butterfly - so easy and beautiful.

Women can wear evening cocktail dresses at any event – official or unofficial, birthday party or work meeting. Just imagine how attractive you will look winter at some hot evening party. You will stand out of gray crowds.

Let’s look through some accessories for green evening cocktail dresses. Green is a very fresh and eye-friendly color. And it is very important not to mix it with other bright colors like orange, red, white and so on. Mixing those colors you will look like a traffic light attracting attention you don’t need.

Some light or dark green high-heels will look in harmony with green evening cocktail dresses. Also you can try it with some crème shoes. Try to use dark makeup because it will highlight your face beauty. About lingerie – some green push-up bra and nylon stockings will complement your style. Also remember that green color is neutral for your body. It means that it can’t hide your unattractive body parts like black evening cocktail dresses.

Green evening cocktail dresses is the best choice for young girls or women. Older women should look more serious. But it is all depends from you.